Based on Chinese philosophy, there are 5 key elements to life: fire, earth, air/metal, water and wood – in that order.

5PhasesEach of these elements supports, balances and corrects the other – they also impact on each other in a controlling manner, like a grandparent does to a grand-child. The key is to recognise what elements in your body are over- or under-reacting, and bringing balance back to your 5-elements so that your energy can flow unencumbered.

When we’re ‘fired up’ with the heat of love or hatred, we can become blind to the world around us, or become over-reactive.

Earth is grounding, bringing stability to life events. It can calm anxiety and settle the churning stomach. Bringing this element into balance can work well with a little love and assurance.

We may be feeling guilt or regret, the elements that leave you ‘up in the air’, wishing things were not as they are; day dreaming. Or perhaps wishing you could melt away the harshness of remorse.

Water is refreshing and cleansing, but also suppressive and creates fear when out of hand. So calm and simple a lake seems when it’s still, compared to a rising tide, drowning flood or thumping wave.

The wood element relates to rage and resentment. When wood is green it promotes growth and motivation, but when dried and exhausted, can catch alight very quickly.

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